C-nail in world medical press

AAAF1.6. Tija calcaneu BiomatrixFoot & Ankle International

In April 2016, the American magazine Foot & Ankle International published the results of an independent testing of two different systems of treating calcaneal fractures. Three systems of nailing of the calcaneus were compared.– C-NAIL from the MEDIN company, Calcanail of the French company FH Orthopedics SAS and the RIMBUS plates with polyaxial locking of the nails from the German company INTERCUS GmbH. The testing took was carried out on 21 calcaneal fractures and showed that C-NAIL is the most suitable system for calcaneal osteosynthesis.

C-nail in world medical press

Journal of Orthopaedic Trauma A great achievement is the publication of an article about C-NAIL. At the beginning of the year 2016. In the American impacted Journal of Orthopaedic Trauma. It features a case study called „Introduction of a new locking nail for treatment of intraarticular calcaneal fractures“, carried out in most part by M. Pompach and H. Zwipp. The study was carried out on 103 patients with 106 calcaneal fractures altogether. With the intention of reducing complications related to calcaneal fractures by using the C-NAIL nail. The conclusion of the text is the establishment of the fact, that the goal of the study was reached and C-NAIL.


C-NAIL in world medical press

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